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Clear and instantaneous communication is the bedrock upon which every U.S. governmental agency’s operational protocol is based—if you can't talk and listen to your people in real time, you cannot execute on your mission. Ironically, innovations in modern communications technology often contribute as much to the problem as the solution. Many government employees talk on smartphones and land-based phones while others use radios. How can they reliably connect and communicate?

That's where Avtec® Scout™ dispatch consoles come in.

Avtec Proven Dispatch Console for Federal Agencies
Avtec Scalable Dispatch Console for Federal Agencies
Avtec Reliable Dispatch Console for Federal Agencies

Why Choose Avtec Scout?

Mission Critical Reliability

From VA hospitals to federal reserve banks to our national parks, the people who serve America across all spectrums of the federal government require consistent, reliable voice communication. The Avtec Scout dispatch console delivers on that need, providing you with:

  • Exceptional audio quality
  • Built-in redundancies to ensure you’re ‘always on’
  • 24/7 technical support


The Federal Register lists more than 450 individual agencies within the federal government.* Imagine being able to seamlessly share real-time information with other federal agencies, whether in a national emergency or simply during day-to-day operations. Avtec’s vendor-agnostic Scout platform can provide your department with direct communication with:

  • Government employees within your respective agency
  • Other federal agencies, even those agencies that utilize different communication technologies
  • State and local agencies


Your workflow is unique to the federal department in which you serve, which means your dispatch system must bend and flex to meet your changing requirements. The Avtec Scout family of dispatch consoles offers you:

  • A fully customizable graphical user interface (GUI) for creating simple or highly complex screens
  • A single-code-based platform that can grow with your agency over time, making the migration to larger dispatch operations simple and seamless
  • The ability to mirror legacy consoles your department has used in the past


Confidential government information is the holy grail to modern computer hackers. Often, they target an agency’s third-party vendors as a pathway to gain system access. Avtec’s internal cybersecurity department takes proactive measures to mitigate cyberattacks on our consoles with:

  • Established cybersecurity practices
  • Security audits by independent, unbiased experts
  • Rigorous testing for vulnerabilities prior to each software release

*Source: National Archives and Records Administration, 2020

Avtec Scout Family of Dispatch Consoles

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